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Student Resources

This page contains resources on additional learning and supplies for current students. 

Additional Pottery Instruction - Supplemental Resources

There are lots of right ways to throw on the wheel! These potters are fantastic resources for reviewing and expanding your knowledge about wheel throwing. I've included suggested videos but feel free to explore. 


Purchasing glazes is entirely optional - you don't have to purchase anything additional if you don't want to. The studio has glazes available to you for use in class. 


While there are tons of options out there I am going to recommend that if you'd like to purchase your own glazes that you select from Amaco's Potter's Choice and Celadon glaze lines or from Mayco's Stoneware glazes. Both brands work well, are consistent, and are the right firing temperature for our work. If you'd like to buy a different brand make sure it is labeled "mid-fire" or "mid-range" and/or "cone 5"/ "cone 6" / "cone 5-6." 

Mayco Stoneware Glazes:


Amaco Glazes


Where to buy glazes: In my experience these websites ship fairly quickly and have large selections of Amaco and Mayco glazes.

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