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Wheel thrown from a single piece of clay these pumpkins are a fall decorator's dream. Since they are hollow they are surprisingly light making them easy to display wherever you'd like! 


Even more so than other pieces, each pumpkin is unique in body shape and stem. 


Note: In stock pumpkins will be individually listed so you can pick your favorite. Click the "notify me" button to be alerted when they're back in stock!

Out of Stock
  • Materials

    White Stoneware, Speckled Stoneware, Brown Stoneware, Glaze


  • Care

    Ceramics are made to last, but these little pumpkins don't like to be dropped! Avoid competitions with gravity to ensure a long life. 

    Can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a duster. 

  • Handmade Goodness

    Each piece is one of a kind. Your piece will have slight variations from the piece pictured as each is individually handmade. 

  • Use

    Brings joy and brightness wherever they go! Safe for indoor and outdoor decorative use. 

  • Seasonal

    These pieces are available for a limited period of time each year. 

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