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Cosmos Cereal Bowls

Cosmos Cereal Bowls


These bowls are a study in contrasts: the cleanliness of the white base glaze with the chaos of the random rainbow sprinkles. The smoothness of the glaze and sanded raw clay with the small textured bumps of the sprinkles and the deep grooves of the carved bottom. 


Delightfully round and lovely to hold, these bowls are perfect for whatever meal or snack you want to fill them with! 



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  • Materials

    Maganese speckled cream-colored stoneware clay. White and rainbow glazes. 

  • Care

    Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

  • Use

    Food and Dinnerware Safe. Holds 10-14 oz of meals, treats, or anything that brings you joy!

  • Handmade Goodness

    Each bowl is one of a kind. Your bowl will have slight variations from the piece pictured as each is individually handmade. All bowls weigh about 10oz and have the same comforting rounded shape and grooved sides.

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