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Blackthorne Ceramics

The joy and beauty of the medium of clay is that it invites you on a journey of becoming. It begins with a piece of clay that holds infinite possibilities and ends with a finite object of indefinite permanence.

A black ceramic cup with white carving in wavy lines and the words "Stay Here with Us." The cup is sitting on a wood table and the background is a blue paneled wall.

A finished piece of pottery holds with it the indelible mark of the artist's hands. It captures a journey in time of the artists labor and creativity.

A set of 9 cocktail cups on a pink background. The cups are made from a tan speckled clay are are carved on the bottom half. The top half of the cups are glazed with a white glaze and rainbow sprinkle glazes. The cups are stacked in a loose pyramid.

Every piece I make carries a part of my heart with it. My work is a reflection of my values, the things that bring me joy, the textures that I find satisfying, and oh-so-pleasing shapes. 

A set of six ceramic wine glasses. They are on a grey background and a wood table. The first pair closest to the front are pink with white carving, the middle are black with white carving, and the back pair is blue with white carving. Each pair is stacked on top of each other.

Whether hand built or wheel thrown each piece is created with care, love, and a desire to ensure that the final form reaches out to the viewer with warmth, joy, and passion. 

15 small ceramic frogs. They are various shades of green and have a variety of facial expressions. They are sitting on a white wood board.


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